Thursday, August 19, 2004

My Hellish Work-Day, So Far

Social work, damn, today I kind of wish I was flipping burgers!

Everyone is in crisis, yet no one wants to do anything proactive, every social service agency in the great state of New Jersey; every crisis center , all excel in one thing; Passing The Buck!

My hand is sore from writing out voucher requests, and this form and that form.

Help Me Mr. Romano, Rescue Me, or Take me In Your Arms!”

Luckily Zelda is here to give me a reality check and cheer me up, now if she could just bring me a mixed drink we would be in business!

Gotta go, there’s the phone.


See it's all about the red tape and bureaucratic bull shit, everything is made more complex by the thinking that if one "summit’s paperwork in triplicate it will cover the checks and balances"...yeah right, nothing is checked, and nothing is balanced.

But you know what; I just realized that anyone reading this could probably care less about my dull as dishwater job and my bellyaching about it. Well, if that's the way you feel, get your own freaking blog!

I feel better now, honestly, I do, leaving soon and did some good today, and I guess, in the end, that’s all that matters.



14damoney said...

Poor Poor PAX!! A decent supervisor might help!

PaxRomano said...

14damoney, nah, it's not the supervisor, he's the best, a real dream-boat (if you get my drift), no, it's the system, and the system (unlike the supervisor) sucks!

Anonymous said...

Somedays I feel like Lucy in the Peanuts strip, "5 cents for therapy." I'm not a trained counselor, nor did I bring any unwanted children into this world. Blah, bhal, blah. If it weren't for the dancing dreamboat and your laughter, I'd need therapy.