Saturday, August 21, 2004

Lick Me! : The Ice Cream Man From Hell


Ok, you just have to read this item from yesterday’s Boston Herald about Bill Walker, the Ice Cream Man from Hell:

To the children of Hyde Park's Stony Brook suburb, Bill Walker was the Good Humor man from hell, a guy who - when he wasn't talking them out of their allowances to the tinny strains of ``Pop Goes the Weasel'' - wore his hot pants a little too tight.

``His underwear was always showing,'' Amy Ehikhamhem, 15, said shuddering, ``and he was always scratching his . . . you know.''

Walker, 56, who police said peddled popsicles from the same rank, unlicensed South of Boston Ice Cream truck in which he kept an open container of urine - and whose voluminous criminal history sources said includes attempted murder - has been temporarily licked.

Police descended on Walker Wednesday night at a playground that opened Tuesday on Stonehill Road after receiving a 911 call from a concerned mother who was told by neighborhood children he grabbed a girl's bottom last week.

Walker, who declined comment, has not been so charged by police. And sources said he has no record of child molestation.

``He should not be around kids,'' said Tricia Kalayjian, a mother of three who, in the best of circumstances, would think twice about buying ice cream off a truck.

``We're Dairy Queen people,'' she said.

At $2 a pop, Walker would have to sell 50 NASCAR Speedway Sundaes to cover the $100 in fines he was slapped with for driving with busted headlights and tail-lights. His 1994 truck passed inspection on June 28 in Brockton with a different license plate than was on the truck yesterday.

In addition, his Boston health permit lapsed in December and was never renewed.

Walker's abysmal driving record, spanning 10 pages and more than 20 years at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, includes speeding, driving to endanger, driving on bald tires and failing to yield to pedestrians.

David Iverson, a neighbor of Walker's at the Tent City apartments overlooking Copley Square, appeared stunned.

``He's one of the nicest guys I know,'' Iverson said. ``Just a kind, nice person - truly kind. You don't meet many people like him.''

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