Tuesday, August 24, 2004

In The Name of Allah, You Will Die For Your Sharp Tongue

Iran Focus On-Line reports that a 16 year old girl was hung in a public execution in the town of Neka in Northern Iran.

Apparently Ateqeh Sahaleh was denied any type of legal assistance and had to act in her own defense.

Sahaleh was accused of “acts incompatible with chastity,” for an alleged affair with an unidentified man (who suffered 100 lashes as punishment but was then released).

The so called judge in this case is one, Haji Rezaii, an alleged holy man who apparently found Sahaleh's style of dress and "sharp tongue" offensive enough that he personally put the noose around the girl's neck.

Kids, you have got to wonder when it comes to this, exactly what kind of world some of us are living in. When religious zealots can kill children for having sex, and walk away from it; what does that say about a society.

This post is not about pointing out the horror's of Islam, no, it's about the sadistic, frustrated men who have taken their faith and bastardized it into some sort of freak show. This Rezaii asshole is probably just a few "holier than thous’s" short of Jerry Falwell (who, if he had his own way, I am sure would be holding public executions of Feminists, Gays and Intellectuals).

I wonder if Jesus or Allah were to come down today and see what is being said and done in their names, how they would react.

Thank dog I’m an atheist!

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