Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Here it comes that old ennui...

Driving home today.

The sky was this almost cobalt shade of blue; the weather was perfect, the air smelled sweet like the scent of so many aromatic blossoms. Usually this is enough to put yours truly into one of his “Aint Life Grand” frames of mind.

For some reason, this was not to be. What was wrong with me?

I passed a cornfield and took picture of it.

Big sky New Jersey.

A feeling of sadness seemed to over take me. I can’t explain why…maybe the fact that summer has started packing her bags, the underlying stress of a change of a (soon to be) new caseload at work, the fear that Mariah Carey may be working on a new film … I just could not put my finger on it.

I passed a house and saw rosebushes covering a ranch fences, it looked like a Hallmark Card. All I did was sigh.

Ennui why me?

As I made my way past some other farms and homes I saw a pumpkin patch and bursts of orange came shining through the huge green leaves, a true sign of autumn. Further on up the road I passed a row of dead cornstalks. They were brown and dry and when the breeze blew them they made a death rattle, and yet all around them, late summer exploded everywhere.

I thought of something then and there; this is the Fading Foreground of Summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the change of seasons, and am especially fond of the winter, but sometimes, days like today for instance; I wished I lived in Southern California where the sun always shines. They say it never rains there…

…but someone once said, it pours, man it pours.

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