Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Guest Blog Entry by Mrs. Sylvia Feinstein

When Saul asked me if I would contribute something to this web log that our friend, Pax is running, I thought, why not? After all, a woman such as me has many things on her mind.

On a daily basis, I have the apartment to look after, the books to balance (My Saul is a good man, but oy, the mess he makes of the finances sometimes boggles my mind – but let’s just keep that between us, ok sweeties? My Saul has his pride), as well as the care of my family (have I told you about my son, Michael, he’s such a good boy and such a talent! These days he is in Europe “finding himself”--- though in my day we never got lost, but who am I to judge? --- Michael never forgets his mother and I get a call from him every Sunday.) I also have a daughter, sigh, what can I say, a mother loves her children, but my Lisa, well, she is the apple of her Father’s eye, but I guess I need glasses!

I also have a sister Molly (who has a fabulous home in Boca), as well as another sister, Liza, who has some man-problems as well as a fondness for these little white pills that she takes like breath mints, none the less, she is a darling, and can she sing, a hundred times better than that shrill Celine Dion creature!

I am lucky enough to have two of my mother’s sisters living near, Aunt Bubby and Aunt Muska. Oh these two are a riot; you should see the trouble they stir up at Rabbi Shenkleman’s weekly bingo games down at the community center! Of course, my Aunties moved out of Philadelphia and currently own adjoining duplexes in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (Cherry Hill is the “Promised Land” of South Jersey – the place is lousy with our people).

Of course family is not the only thing I concern myself with, no sweeties, a modern gal like me does enjoy movies and television (though frankly after Bert Convey died, show business in general seems to have taken a turn for the worse); just the other day Aunt Bubby and I took in a matinee of that new Tom Cruise film – ugh, this is what passes for entertainment? In my day we had stars, we had glamour, and we had chutzpah! Now before you say, “Syl, what makes you such an expert?” let me just inform you that prior to marrying a successful businessman, I was in show business. I was a June Taylor dancer as well as making several appearance at Shelly Sholman’s Paradise Theatre in the Catskills where I entertained sell out crowds --- I sang and danced, told a few jokes, no big woop--- but I digress, As for this Collateral movie, I was about to leave the theatre when this other actor shows up; be still my beating heart, who was this handsome Spanish heart-throb? I was entranced by his height, his hair and those eyes; oh I could have just drowned in those limpid pools of his!

I turned to Aunt Bubby and whispered, “Oy! Who is this Spanish Angel?”

His name was, Javier Bardem.

Excuse me sweeties, even the mention of his name gives me the hot flashes --- now where did I put those soy pills?

So to sum it up, Collateral, wait until the last half hour of the film and go see it for Javier, ok?

Oh, look at the time, I’d love to stay and keep chatting, but My Saul will be home any minute and I have a brisket in the oven that’s just about ready. Till we meet again, bye bye Sweeties!

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