Monday, August 09, 2004

The Gospel Singer and The Online Troll: Tales From The Gaylight Zone

That rainbow sign up ahead, you have just crossed over into The Gaylight Zone:

Submitted for your approval; the story of gospel singer , Kirk Talley and a Knoxville, Tennessee man called Walbert Keith Farmer.

Talley, an award winning white bread, born again Christian was apparently a very popular singer of tunes that celebrated his loving faith.

Farmer, a fellow BAC (Born Again Christian), became acquainted with Talley one day while in , what he calls, an innocuous on-line chat room when suddenly, for some unknown reason he was bombarded with salacious remarks from Talley who then went on to send him nude photos of himself (exactly what kind of innocuous chat room was this?).

Anyway, Mr. Farmer, being a decent and god fearing man, did what any person who follows the teachings of Christ would do; he tried to blackmail Talley!

Talley, in turn, went to the FBI, outed himself and pressed charges.

When this story broke, Talley turned to his fans and made a plea that, in part, went something like this: For 30 or more years I have battled feelings of loneliness and depression, all stemming from the struggle of homosexuality. It has wreaked havoc on friendships, relationships, and of course my marriage. I have tried and tried during all of this to maintain my relationship with Christ but at times, that was even difficult.

Currently it is unclear as to how Talley is dealing with all of this. I have heard that he is living life as an out gay man, and on the other hand I have also read that he is "no longer gay thanks to prayer". Talley's web site is mum about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, a judge has found that Farmer must pay 100,000.00 to Talley as well as prison time. Farmer has stated that it was his own "moral outrage" that drove him to blackmail.

Kirk Talley and Walbert Keith Farmer, together in the Gaylight Zone
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dizzyliz said...

OMG!!! I cant beleive what i've just read! My name is Adam and Walbert Keith Farmer is my first cousin! I grew up next door to him and my Aunt, He use to take me out almost on a daily basis to hang out. What blows my mind is what he did! You see im gay! VERY GAY! I've kinda knew for a while that he did something stupid to some gospel singer, but I had no idea it was this! WOW! He is a freakin moron! Ive now read about this case in depth and for him to say that he was moraly outraged is such a freakin cop out lie! He has known about my homosexuality for years, and has been very cool about it. He was actualy the first family member to find out about it. I cant wait to see the M F'er and give him a VERY LARGE piece of my mind! Damn this makes me sick that he would do this! Even more sick to know im related to him! Well if its any conselation he is about to go back to prison for yet another con he has pulled on a local buisness! I hope they keep him this time!
North Carolina