Friday, August 20, 2004


To the State Police Man who pulled me over this morning on Route 206,

Thanks pal, ya made me day! Imagine that, and at 7:50 in the morning!

I truly am sorry that I was going over the speed limit (unlike the rest of the law-abiding motorists whizzing by at warp velocity).

Thank you for standing at the passenger window causing me to spill my water, and almost throw my back out as I sprawled across the seat to roll the glass down for ya' (no, not every car has power windows). Thanks for making me sit for twenty minutes while you ran my plate numbers and whatever the hell it was you were doing.

Finally, thanks for NOT giving me a speeding ticket after all, that was kind of nice of you, but I had to laugh when you told me that you WERE giving me a ticket for an "obstructed view" because I have something hanging from my rear view mirror (!), even funnier was that you had no idea how much the fine was (though you assured me it would be 'minimal').

It's good to know that the boys in blue are out there doing there job, keeping us safe and writing nuisance tickets.


Pax Romano (aka Racer X).

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