Sunday, August 22, 2004

From The Utopian Social Diary: August 22, 2004

Guest Entry by David Michael Hyde Chancellor Goodie Smith III society Editor of the Utopian Times

Last night, the glitterati and Who’s Who of Utopia’s social scene where treated to a soiree at the spacious home of well known local business entrepreneur, Pax Romano, and his partner, the world renowned fashion consultant, and first edition graphic novel collector, Whatshisname.

Whatshisname, 38, though looking a dewy-eyed twenty, was actually the host of this affair with Mr. Romano serving only as co-host.

The guest list included, Miss Lee Lee Simpson and Miss Penny Peoples, (who arrived together sans escorts but managed to find a kindred soul and dance partner in Mr. Miguel Blink, of the Pemberton Blinks) ---other luminary attendees included Mr. Bam Bam Venezuela (of the Los Angeles Venezuela’s) and his un-named lady friend, Spike and Mikki Whozits, (who arrived in matching tux and gown), and various other movers and shakers in the Publishing and Rum Running industries.

Also making an appearance was the fabulous Trisha VanDerVeer (of the Cherry Hill VanDerVeers) as well as Lulu Rossellini (whose family owns most of the catering business in the Atlantic City area, as well as some wise investments in some off shore trading companies).

Guests were entertained by Billy Bleeker and the Blow Boys who regaled party goers with such chestnuts as “Smoke Get’s In Your Eyes” and an amazing accordion heavy version of “Stairway to Heaven”.

Noted missing from the night’s events was international beauty and close friend of Mr. Romano, and Mr. Whatshisname, Magnolia Thunderpussy, who did manage to wire her friends her condolences from her penthouse in New York City.

After the party ended, guests were air-lifted to the Utopian Country Club for a breakfast prepared by Wolfgang Puck.


MagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, I'm so glad you recieved the wire, I was just devestated, not being able to attend, servant problems, don't you know! It seems Propecia, my maid, was arrested in Harlem for trying to obtain Reefer (?) on Lenox Ave., just what that is, I have no idea but I had to go all the way to Harlem and post bail for the dear thing. On leaving the police station, my driver, Rogaine, forgot just where he parked the Issota and we ended up wandering the streets for half the night before locating the car. Now just how he could misplace a three block long limosine, I have no idea, especially in a neighbourhood where it would be as conspicuous as a "turd in a punch bowl" but the evening was not lost, we ended up at the Cotton Club for breakfast and the five am. floor show. Of course it was nothing like your fete (that's french, dear) but we did see an enchanting singer, a Miss. Lena Horne, I think we'll be hearing alot about her in the coming years. We also heard Billie sing, so the evening was not a total loss.


magnolia darling, did the cleaners find cubbie's watch? we think it flew off while we doing the mazurka. and darling, tell abe lyman and the band that they never sounded better!