Friday, August 13, 2004

fall OUT

* My mother called me last night; "What do you make of all of this McGreevy stuff?" she asked.

"I am conflicted about the whole thing, Ma. What do you think?"

"Well", she said clearing her throat, "He's a man, and all men, gay or straight are the same. They think with the wrong head, and get in to trouble!"

"Yeah, Ma, I guess your right about that."

* This morning I walk in to the little news shop to pick up a paper. The owner of this establishment is a Parisian man who is usually very friendly. This morning when I put the paper down on the counter, he laughs at the McGreevy headline and does a limp wrist at me and laughs, and says, "The man is sick!" I held my tongue and ignored his moronic editorial comment, but I think my blood pressure went up.


* Last night, Whatshisname and I are talking about the day's events and he tells me that two of the guy's from the warehouse of the office he works at are discussing McGreevy. One of them says, "He can't be gay, he's got kids!"

He says he really had to marvel over the naiveté of some people.

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