Saturday, July 24, 2004

Wrestling with the Past

Howard Dean, Jessie Ventura, Al Franken, Abraham Lincoln; All famous American men who were involved, one way or the other, in politics; Furthermore, all were former wrestlers.

Dean and Franken were college wrestlers. Lincoln was a state champ and Ventura, well a lot of us remember when he was Jesse "The Body" Ventura in the old WWWF.

Strange sport, wrestling. Viewed by many as a clean competition between two men, others see it as a somewhat erotic exercise. To be sure, even straight men enjoy watching women wrestle (and it's doubtful that it's for the athletic prowess of the ladies involved).

The internet is awash with wrestling sites (gay and straight) that are there to fill the prurient interests of many.

So what do we make of Gergo Szabo the 130 pound Hungarian top ranked wrestler who was to participate in the Summer Olympics until it was discovered that he made some porn/wrestling/fetish videos in his home country?

Appearing in the films under the name, Sergio Foster, Szabo wrestled nude with other men and later on did sex scenes with other men (most of them athletes also). Apparently he did this for money (makes sense), and nobody really thought much of it to begin with (apparently in Hungary it's no big deal). It has also been revealed the sale of films like these are illegal in Hungary, so those involved with the making of them figured no body they knew would ever see them.

Ah, but then there was that pesky thing called the Internet (awash with wrestling sites as I stated earlier). It seems that photos of Szabo starting popping up and faster than you can say "full nelson", the Hungarian Wrestling Federation dropped Szabo because of his X-rated past.

Of course to my jaundiced eye, the whole thing smacks of homophobia. I mean I wonder if there would be such a big deal if Szabo had been in a straight porn film---I doubt it. To make matters worse Szabo's coach claims that he is not gay and only did it for the money (the old "gay for pay" excuse).

Szabo does have the backing and support of his team-mates (which is refreshing, could you imagine this occurring in the United States, and the hysteria it would whip up in the locker rooms?)

Considering all of this, I think he should move to the States, become a body builder, begin harassing women, write some books about fitness, harass and fondle more women, bulk up some more, force himself on some more women, become an action star in Hollywood, marry a well connected lady…and hey, don’t laugh, it worked for Arnie...hey and his dad was a Nazi!

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