Thursday, July 29, 2004

Watching The Convention

905:  Carol King is singing, "You've Got a Friend"... She sounds great, a bit of a rougher edge in her voice... The song still sounds pretty... uh oh, NO, she threw in John Kerry's name ... Ok, I understand.

911: Barney Frank interview ... Love this guy... hey, in the background you can hear the Ike and Tina Turner Review's version of "Proud Mary".... HEY!  why are they playing that now?

914: Talking heads from COMCAST talking about the security at the building... These women, they look like Barbie Dolls, are comparing the events to a "Broadway Show", no wait, the other Barbie Doll says it's more like a "rock concert"... ok here's Arthur Fenell, a Philadelphia local reporter, great guy, intelligent and good speaker.  He's trying to give the viewer an idea of what it's like on the floor.  Look, behind him, all those well dressed white people clapping hands, getting down getting funky.

919: Teresa Kerry's son's (HUBBA HUBBA) have just brought on their step sisters, Vanessa is first ... Pretty girl, good speaker.  Ok here comes Alexandra, wow, these girls are tall!  Nice, both of the women told nice stories, Vanessa told the dying grandmother tale and Alex talked about the family pet and her father giving CPR to a water logged hampster.  Actually it's a pretty funny story.

935: Here comes the Kerry infomercial... Is that Ossie Davis narrating it?  No it's Morgan Freeman!  Cool!  This is funny, John had a rock band, "The Electras" ... Man you know Kazaa is going to be overheating tonight with searches for that band... The Vietnam period ok, that was scary, he really was almost killed, three purple hearts ... He comes home and is now anti-war... Now here comes the political history ... uh oh, left out the first wife, but here's the Teresa years (and her three sons...HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA-WOOF ... Sorry). 

942: Cue the lights, round of applause and the Barbie Doll is back and here comes Arthur again talking to somebody on the floor.

949: Jim Rassman, the man whose life Kerry saved.  Seems a decent man... check this out Rassman is registered Republican ... and here comes Max Clealand (D-GA), the vet who lost three limbs in Vietnam... so damn sad, twenty three years old when his body was torn assunder ... Clealand goes on talking about his relationship with Mr. Kerry, very touching ...

1003 : The crowd applauding Mr. Clealand is chanting, "KERRY, KERRY, KERRY"...

1004: HERE COMES DA MAN, through the crowd, high fiving folks, while Bruce's "No Retreat No Surrender" blares... Ok, this is show-biz, and it's working.  The crowd is going nuts, JK is hugging is fellow vets on the stage, raising his hands up in the air to a rabid crowd ... it's like the Beatles at Shea !  "I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty"...nice touch ... loved the story about riding his bike into East Berlin ... "I will never mislead us into war" ... I accept your nomination... he said it!

1021: He is invoking his running mate, John Edwards (can I get another WOOF) ... "and what can I say about Teresa?"... good move, stand by your woman, John!  Check it out, he's giving props to Dean and Sharpton and Brown and Clark... nice touch...  YES! THAT FLAG DOES BELONG TO EVERYONE! 

1022: Here comes the tagline: "America can do better, Help Is On The Way!!"

1053: And to the strains of U2's It's A Beautiful Day, Mr. Kerry faces the future.



Tony said...

You can *SO* get another woof for Mr. Edwards! WOOF!!!! :pant, pant:

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