Thursday, July 15, 2004

A Trip To The Moon on Gossamer Wings

I don't know what I am more happy about; the fact that I am starting a ten day vacation from work, or the fact that HBO's  Amazing adaptation of Angels in America is nominated for twenty-one Emmy Awards!
Tony Kushner's brilliant, six hour long study of sex, love, death, the afterlife, AIDS, insanity, Mormons, and a half a dozen other topics seemed destined to never make it to the screen, let alone the television screen.  However, by some miracle, Mike Nichols managed to pull it altogether with an amazing cast featuring Al Pacino (playing Roy Coen), Meryl Streep (in three--count 'em three separate roles--A Mormon housewife, Ethel Rosenberg and an ancient Rabbi), Emma Thompson (also doing multi duty here as a homeless woman, a tough nurse, and a very erotic angel),  and Jeffrey Wright (who plays a male nurse, and a rather ghostly travel agent).
If there is one true stand out in the cast it is Justin Kirk who plays Prior Walter, a man stricken with AIDS who subsequetnly is haunted, not unlike Scrooge was on that Christmas Eve many years ago, by strange nightly visitors, and eventually is visited by an angel who proclaims him, "Prophet" (of course that is after she makes love to him).
Kirk's performance is both hilarious and bitter-sweet, an everyman caught in an unreal situation.
Of course there are NO bad performances in Angels... I hope the movie takes every damn award on Emmy night!
Look Up!

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