Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Thank You Ben!

It's nice to know that when the so called, "icons" of gays back down from voicing their opinions (yes Miss Midler, I am talking to you!), we can always count on a straight brother to come through in a pinch.

Of course the brother I am referring to is none other than that unlucky in love and unlucky in recent movie projects, Mr. Ben Affleck.

Now, while some out there tend to think that Ben and his sometime companion, Matt Damon are something more than just friends ... Well, let's leave idle talk to idle minds...

On Monday the former play thing of Jenny on the Block attended the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus and said to the gathered group, "Gay and lesbian and transgender Americans are exactly that -- Americans,"   They're entitled to the same goddamned right as any other American, and to say otherwise is outrageous and offensive."
Thanks Ben, we owe you for that one.  And just to prove I mean it, I'll be renting "Jersey Girl" as soon as it comes out on DVD!


Tony said...

You really want to show your support for Ben? Here's what you do...go to Best Buy and BUY Gigli and Jersey Girl!! What better way to say, "Thanks for your support!" Go ahead and buy Glitter, too...he wasnt in it, but Mariah supports gays, too....maybe :-)

snicks said...

okay, and i'll buy gigli...oh wait, i already own it. i'll buy his next bad film, i promise. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could just wear B.A. t-shirts, I mean there is no reason to drag bad films into the "thank-you-equation", is there?