Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A Second -In-Command Hottie?

Today John Kerry announced that his running partner would be Senator John Edwards.

You remember Senator Edwards, the boyishly handsome distinguished gentleman from the great state of North Carolina, the former trial lawyer who's daddy was said to be a lowly mill worker...Remember him? He was one of the guys that asked for our attention early on when a lot of us thought for sure that former college wrestler, and all around great guy, Howard Dean was going to be our savior.

I sort of had this fantasy of a Dean/Edwards ticket. That would have been great.

Alas, it was not to be. Howard shone brightly and then burnt out quickly.

So we Democrats were left with Mr. Kerry. A decent and good man, I am sure, but with as much charisma as a bowl of oatmeal.

Hopefully his choice for VP will add some fuel to the fire and effectively run over and defeat the current Nazis that rule the roost.

Well gentlemen, good luck. The race has begun and your work is cut our for you.

Oh and Mr. Edwards, beware any demure gentlemen from the state of Maryland that come your way baring cigars and singlets, just take my word for it!


snicks said...

hmm....now who could you be talking about? :)
wow, a howard dean-john edwards ticket...i guess that would have been TOO much to ask for.
john kerry and john edwards..i'm not used to having two johns at the same time,it's too bad flo's not around to give me pointers.
(damn, that was a good one. i hope she sees it) :)

Tony said...

Edwards is HOT and looks DAMN fine in a suit, I must say. WOOF! If I voted on looks alone....he'd get mine!