Thursday, July 15, 2004

One For The Good Guys!

Try as they may, those who would amend the Constitution making it a crime for gay people to marry, failed.

Yesterday the Senate killed a White House-backed proposal to change the Constitution to ban gay marriage.

Major Assholes like the Puppet President and Walking Douche Bag, Sen. Rick Santorum (R., Pa.), seemed to forget all about terrorism and that pesky little skirmish over in Iraq to pledge themselves to the passing of this amendment.

Happily, they failed.

Michael Rogers, a Washington political activist and John Arvosis, a Washington political consultant and former Republican congressional staff member, have become heroes in their efforts to upset this vote. The two men run web sites that threatened to expose all gay members of congress as well as their staff should the congress person in question back the amendment.

Check out one of those sites HERE

Kids, I'm telling ya' this fight has just begun. Put on your armor and suit up.

This is just the first salvo, I fear

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