Thursday, July 08, 2004

Just Sitting Here Watching The Wheels

A few things to chew on this morning:

Ken Lay, the former head of ENRON surrendered to prosecutors this morning. He was accompanied by his pastor.

His freaking pastor!

Guess there are no atheists in prison as well as foxholes.
Former alcoholic and coke-head, George W. Bush was asked what he thought about John Edwards as a possible vice-president. The puppet president said, "Dick Cheney can be president”… this remark was probably an allusion to the fact the Mr. Edwards, in The Chimp’s estimation, lacks the needed experience to be vice-president and possibly president.

When Mr. Kerry heard this remark he said that his running mate had, "more experience and better judgment" than Bush did when he became president after serving six years as governor of Texas.”

Well said Mr. Kerry.
American Muck Raker, Film Maker and All Around TRUE Patriot, Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11 apparently is now the # 2 on the all time list for largest per theater average ever for a film that opened in wide release: Translation: It kicked ass at the box office!!!

…and I was worried what with White Chicks opening the same weekend.
Former sensible guy and current British Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted on Tuesday (July 6, 2004) about those pesky WMD’s and Iraq; "I have to accept we have not found them, that we may not find them…” Tony Boy then went on to say that just because he’s never seen Father Christmas, that does not mean he does not believe in him…

She wants to live forever…Former Singer and movie actress and current has-been, Irene Cara is in a tiz about her age. She claims that she is 40. The Associated Press say’s she’s 45, and IMDB claims she is 46.

I bet she’s 50.

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