Sunday, July 25, 2004

Growing Up Romano

Guglielmo Marconi (a distant relation of mine) & Madonna (Opinionated Italian Woman)
I’ve been reading about this new television program about to premier on A&E called, “Growing up Gotti”.  It is supposed to be a reality show (strike one) about the daughter of noted Mob Boss, John Gotti and her day to day life as a “socialite” (strike two) as well as being a loving mother to her three little Guido’s , who are already being sold as this month’s Hotties to teen girls and some gay men (strike three).

I have not seen the show yet, nor do I plan on watching it, but something really rubs me the wrong way when we sink to this sub basement level of celebrity, I mean, the day to day lives of people whose fortune was made in blood? 
Now, I am not one of those Italian Americans who gets his ire up when a movie or TV show about the mob is produced (see, I can separate, I know fact from fiction).  The Godfather is one of my all time favorite films, and The Soprano’s is probably my all time favorite television program.  Does this mean, I admire mobsters?  Hardly!  It means that I enjoy good drama.  My problem is celebrating these people in real life.  I am sure Victoria Gotti is a wonderful woman, but Jesus, I really don’t feel that she needs to have her life exposed for the rest of us…other than being born into a crime family, what the hell has Ms. Gotti done to merit her own freaking show (freak show)?

How about a reality show about my family? 
My Dad broke his back working his way up from nothing and providing a decent life to his family … as far as I know he never had to break anyone’s legs or run cigarettes across state lines. 

My Father’s oldest sister married a man who’s last name was Marconi.  Turns out her husband was related to  Guglielmo Marconi (who pretty much invented wireless communication). 

My Great Grandfather ran an Apothecary in Naples; during World War One he was given a special commendation for providing free medications and treatments to injured soldiers.  He also donated a large sum of money to the Museum of the Department of Physical Sciences of the University of Naples.
How about a reality show about Great Italian Inventors... Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta who invented the chemical battery, or Leonardo da Vinci, or Galileo Galilei… yeah, I know not sexy enough.

Keep in mind this only my opinion, and that and a sawbuck will get you an espresso.  However to quote that other famous Italian, Madonna; Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Ciao Bella!


Tony said...

Ah, sweet Paxie. A reality show based on your life wouldnt sell, as you are nice, sincere and caring. order to truly sell a reality show, you need to be mean, conniving and a bit of a bitch. OR if you are sweet, SOMEONE in your inner circle has to secretly want to see you destroyed. Sorry, hon. Small comfort, I know, but If they made a show called Growing Up Pax, I'd sure watch. If anything just for the possibility of a flash of Italian Sausage (evil grin).

ben222b said...

This reminded me of a distant relative in Corwall, UK - when I met her years ago was in her late 90s. She was a maid at the manor house where Marconi was staying during his trans-Atlantic radio experiments. Apparently he flirted with her! Who knows if it went further than that? So we could be very distant cousins.....