Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Great Flood Of '04

Last night much of Southern New Jersey was hit by torrential rains of biblical proportion. Several smaller towns were actually evacuated.

Here in Utopia, we were not spared.

At around seven last night, I went to the porch of the balcony and saw trash cans and tire rails being swept down the street by the newly formed rapids in what looked like a scene from "The Day After Tomorrow".

Walking downstairs to the front door, I found water everywhere in the storage area. This caused Whatshisname to spring in to action to salvage his beloved comic book collection (twenty some boxes of Spiderman and Superman and the rest of the various characters). For about an hour we yanked boxes up the steps to higher ground. What a fucking mess.

Lucky for us, our unit is on the second floor so we escaped some real problems.

This morning when I walked outside I found mud everywhere and several of my neighbor's were pulling ruined furniture and belongings out of their homes.

I tried to make it to work, but Utopia's main street was closed to traffic, and the other end of the highway was also closed.

I turned around and stopped in to a store to pick up some milk and found out that two damns broke last night in the area, thus causing the deluge.

On the way home it struck me how empty the main highway was. No cars anywhere. The last time I saw it this empty was that snowstorm in '96. Very creepy...Very "28 Days Later" (with out the screaming zombies thankfully).

So now I keep looking outside, up in the sky for a sign.

That's me, always chasing rainbows.

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