Sunday, July 18, 2004

Gloria in excelsis Pax Romano III: Vinnie and Me

I checked up to see who else shares my birth date.
Check it out: Nelson Mandela (not to shabby), Martha Reeves (of Martha and the Vandals) and Vin Diesel!
Yeah, me and the muscle bound thespian.  The star of such of classics as XXX and ... uh, wait don't tell me ... oh yeah,  The Fast and the Furious, and, uh, well countless other classic pieces of cinema.
So I got to thinking, what do Vinnie and I have in common other than July 18th as our date of birth?  Ok, well we are both "follicly  challenged", and uh, we both have deep voices, and uh... Let's see I know there is something else...Wait a minute don't tell me... ok I never was a bouncer at a gay bar, but I've been to plenty gay bars... ah well, skip it.
Happy Birthday Mark Vincent!  Hope you had a GAY old time on your special day!!!!

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