Sunday, July 18, 2004

Gloria in excelsis Pax Romano II

The Morning After and Resolutions

As you can see from the photo, last night's intimate little "get-together" with friends to herald in my personal new year, was a smashing success.
This morning as I made my way amongst the bodies of former revilers now sleeping it off, I realized what a lucky guy I am.
Great friends, a decent family, a moody but lovable significant other (Capricorns, what are you going to do?)...Some people have none of this, I have it all.
In honor of this day I have made a new resolution (last years was to drop some weight -- 45 pounds later and lighter, I realized it was very easy to do); This week I will start a smoking cessation program. 
It begins on Monday, a gradual withdrawal from the demon nicotine, that I am pretty sure I will be able to achieve, but keep your eye on this space as (I am sure) I will be documenting my misadvenutres as I attempt to break this habit.
Ah yes, another year older.
But wiser?  That remains to be seen.

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14damoney said...

Good luck with the huge task at hand!! And there's not a damn thing wrong with Capricorns.............we ARE the BEST!!