Saturday, July 10, 2004

Dear Mr. President; SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Today the Asshole in Chief took to the airwaves to yet again, talk to the country.

Why; to apologize for the war in Iraq and the deaths of so many innocent people? To talk about Ken Lay and his own connection to the former head of Enron? To admit that as a former drug addict it’s time for compassion for those less fortunate… nah, none of the above.

Today, The Liar in Chief decided to once again push for a constitutional amendment that would ban same sex marriages … because everyone knows, gays and lesbians are the number one threat in America.

You know what? I am so fucking pissed off now, I can barely type … the dog is cowering in the corner; steam is coming out of my ears!!!

Fuck You, George Bush, you puppet! You miserable hateful little man! You pathetic excuse for a world leader!! You embarrassment to intelligent Americans. FUCK YOU!!!!

Damn, I better get drunk tonight!

1 comment:

snicks said...

i used to think he had a perpetual "deer in the headlights" look to him, now i realize it was another creature with horns.