Sunday, July 11, 2004

Birthday Girl Blues

A while back I posted about Courtney Love, and her many trials and tribulations.

On Friday it seems, Courtney did it again.

For her 40th birthday, Love was taken to the hospital (handcuffed and strapped down) when Police and EMT's were called to her New York City residence for a report of a woman bleeding.

Earlier in the day, Police had already paid a visit because of a report that Love had been throwing bottles out of her apartment window on to the street.

As she was being taken away she reportedly said, "Today is my birthday, and I had an abortion."

I guess it's all rather funny to a lot of people. Maybe I'm just over sensitive about this (after all she is a fellow Cancerian), but I find it rather pathetic and sad.

Happy Birthday Courtney, get some rest, get it together, the world does not need another dead rock star.

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Tony said...

I feel bad for Courtney. Anyone who's heard the Live Through This CD, knows she has the talent and the balls to really make a mark on the rock scene without all the drama. She is pretty much a lost cause, now, tho. No one really cares about her or her trials anymore, because there have just been TOO MANY OF THEM. Between Kurt, jail, drugs, jail, custody, jail, lawsuits with Dave and Krist... When I hear the words, "Troubled Rock Star Courtney Love....." I just roll my eyes and we go again.