Wednesday, July 14, 2004

After The Deluge

Those floods and rains I posted about yesterday are over now. In their wake lay destruction and little bits of chaos.

Some of you may have seen Utopia mentioned on the national news last night (CNN, NBC and CBS were all here). Of course Utopia is not the actual name of where I live, so chances are you heard mention of several small towns in Burlington County, New Jersey.

One of those towns is my beloved “Utopia”.

This morning as I drove to work, I was shocked to see things like cars crushed and overturned in ravines, houses demolished, mud covering sides of buildings … it truly was a humbling experience; because when nature has a hard-on for a place, it reminds you who the boss really is.

A Philadelphia paper had a photograph of this section of highway just a mere three miles from my front door, that had literally just caved in because of the damn beneath it crumbling.

Yes, like a scene from an Irwin Allen film.

I realized how lucky we were in that our damage was minimal, minuscule even compared to what some unlucky folks around here suffered.

Tonight they are calling for more rain. I can’t help but feel somewhat anxious over this forecast…though I keep thinking, what are the chances of something this bad happening again.

I mean, really, why worry – lighting doesn’t strike twice…

…does it?

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snicks said...

oh my god, pax...i did see this footage on the news, but i didn't put it together that this was your area.have you had flood problems before? i hope everything will be alright.i've got a rubber dinghy,and can row over there if you want. :)