Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Going In Late

Morning all, I've decided to go into work late today ... so right now, I am sitting in the solitude of my dining room, taping away on my keyboard whilst enjoying a cup of coffee ... man, life could be so much more civilized if I ruled the world...I have not even turned on the news yet, nor have I read any on-line news feeds ... whomever said that ignorance is bliss nailed it.

Well, I started my Xmas shopping last night: online. Pretty much went through most of my list thanks to Overstock, and will not have to pay any shipping fees. Yeah, me!

I've made a point not to go overboard this year, and have stuck to it. Also, for the third year in a row, no credit cards will be used. It's so much easier this way. Who needs big bills come January? Not me!

Exciting stuff, don't you think? Hey, why not go check out my other blog and read my review of Zombie Strippers!

Whatever you do, have a great day all!

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