Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Stuff and Anderson Cooper Shirtless!!!

Greetings all.

I'll get to Anderson Cooper in a second, first a few other other things:

* Whatshisname left for the U.K. last night, he'll be there until Friday, so I am on my own. It's always nice to get some breathing room, but, like always, I will start missing him around Tuesday. Until then, woo hoo, welcome to the bachelor pad.

* So, here's hoping that you all had a fab Thanksgiving. Mine was the usual : Mom drank one too many, Dad bitched about everything and the food was great. In all seriousness, with everything that happened to my family this year, I was indeed grateful to be with them all again, and with everyone back to normal (and of course, when talking of the Romano clan, normal is very subjective).

* Unfortunately, the holiday was darkened a bit by word of the hellish goings on in India. Like always I am dumbfounded by this sort of thing, it makes my brain hurt thinking what drives groups of people to such horrific deeds. Spare a thought to the victims this weekend. And remember when you don't fight against such madness, you become a part of it.

* In much, much, lighter news: Remember Barbra Streisand's ex boyfriend, Jon Peters? Well, it seems that a male co-producer of the next Superman film (of which Peters is another producer) is suing him for sexual harassment. Brian Quintana claims that Peters subjected him to "continuous and pervasive sexual harassment." According to Page Six,
the suit claims:"multiple instances where he was physically, sexually harassed by Peters, including being groped by male individuals at Peters' behest." Peters would "wrestle and rough up [Quintana] in a sexual manner . . . fondle himself in front of [Quintana] . . . often place his hand on [Quintana's] leg in a sexual manner," as well as "touch" his buttocks...

You know, I hate to admit this, but there was a time when I thought this guy was hotter than hell: does anyone remember how he looked in that cigarette ad back in the 70's?

Oh my, to read the full nasty story, CLICK HERE.

* And finally, did you all see the video of Anderson Cooper engaging in a swim race with super-human Michael Phelps? Sadly, Cooper does not wear a pair of form fitting Speedos, still it's worth a look see HERE.

That's all for now, here's hoping you have a mellow Sunday free from sexual harassment, and filled with turkey left-overs.

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