Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Something to be Truly Thankful For

The economy might be tanking, Citibank might be getting a gazzilion bucks of the tax payers dollars so that they don't go under, Bush is still in office for another 55 days (and Christ only knows what kind of foolishness he might cause in the short amount of time)...but since this is the time of year when we Americans are supposed to be giving thanks while gorging down on stuffed birds and cans of jellied cranberry sauce; well, there is some news that most sensible people will be truly thankful for:

If reports are accurate, it appears that a certain shit-spewing, hate-mongering, coke-snorting, cocktail-dress-wearing hag has finally received her comeuppance.

The New York Post reports that Ann Coulter broke her jaw and had her mouth wired shut! (STORY HERE). It's just too funny to be true, and don't be surprised if, in a few days, it's proven that this item is false. But for now, children, just enjoy the silence.

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