Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The IKEA Lady

Lately, I've been fascinated by that middle-aged African American woman on the new IEKA ads. Maybe it's her deep, voice ... or perhaps it's her somewhat spooky presence.

Check her out here in the "Chocolate ad".

I love the way she say's "I'm not judging you, chocolate makes a child rambunctious". And then she sounds sort of ominous when she say's, "I'd keep an eye on the girl, I think she suspects something."Her other commercial (which I can not find posted yet) concerns an angry young woman slamming food around in her kitchen while the IKEA lady tells her, "Your boss IS an idiot". Priceless stuff!

So I want to know, who is this woman? And who came up with these brilliant, if not somewhat disturbing, ads?

She (The IKEA Lady) sort of puts me in mind of The Oracle in The Matrix films ... except that this incarnation seems somewhat more malevolent.

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