Saturday, October 04, 2008


Dad was admitted into the hospital last night, after spending the late afternoon in the emergency room.

What at first was thought to be a heart attack, of some sort, turned out to be some sort of arrhythmia (I can't recall the proper name of the condition) that was causing him to break a sweat, and feel listless.

The doctor was very reassuring that this was a common condition for people of all ages, but due to my father's advanced age, they are keeping him at hospital for the weekend just to monitor the medications that were started on him.

Mom, Whatshisname, and I were with him from five until around nine. He seemed fine, and even wolfed down a turkey club that I smuggled in for him.

For now, fingers crossed, and he should be home by Monday.

So, I have some errands to run, and am then heading back over to see him.

More later.

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