Monday, October 20, 2008

Will Smith, Your Toaster Oven Is Waiting...

Remember, a year or so ago, when the budding bromance of Mr. William Smith and the elfin, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was everywhere?

You could not open a newspaper, or turn on the idiot box without seeing these two embracing, hugging, mugging for the cameras, or just hanging out with their arms draped around the other.

A lot of folks thought that The Former Fresh Prince might have been drinking the Kool Aid available at finer Scientology centers ... while others believed that maybe Tommy Boy was getting a taste of Big Willy's Style.

Well, it looks like Mr. Smith (who has been the subject of several gay rumors in the past), has another one to swipe at.

Seems that a former "Hollywood Madame" has been chatting with a blogger and has indicated that Mr. Smith had engaged her services from time to time to procure young men to satisfy his carnal longings.

Furthermore, it is hinted at that Smith sought out Cruise so that he could look into Scientology as way to quell his same sex urges(because, the story goes, L. Ron Hubbard's wacky factory cured Cruise of his love of the man on man ).


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