Thursday, October 02, 2008


Twas a dark and stormy night in Officeland ... the phone rang and brought with it such terrible news that your intrepid social worker found himself doubting every person he spoke with ... it might have been the parents of the alleged victim, the proprietor of the workshop the alleged victim was employed at, the county protective services worker who seemed annoyed that she now had to deal with a perplexing situation .... Oh yes, children, the more he tried to get to the bottom of things, the more tangled the web seemed to get.

What your intrepid social worker found even more vexing were those who tried to avoid the situation by saying, "That's not my problem"...surely these people understood that the possibility existed concerning a mentally disabled woman and that she might have been victimized in a most heinous way.

Still, your civil servant tried his best, and that is all one can do after all, no? But by day's end, he felt that nothing proactive was really in the works ... who knows, come tomorrow he may be proven wrong ... we shall see.

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