Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random For Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone. Let's take a look at what kind of mayhem and foolishness is going in the world, shall we?

Hateful Republican Chickens Come Home to Roost: Hey, looks like the McCain / Palin camp got a bit more than they bargained for by denigrating Senator Obama. Seems that at a McCain rally, one of his rabid throng claimed that Obama "cohorts with domestic terrorists..." When McCain tried to reign the goof-off in by claiming that, despite their political differences, Obama was "a decent person", he was meet with jeers, moans, and boos. Of course what can one expect, McCain/Palin have been playing so dirty, that they have managed to speak to the truly ugly, racist, uneducated masses, and they've created a collective Frankenstein. STORY HERE.

Prez is Glad He's In Office While Country Goes Through Financial Melt Down: You have to hand it to Bush, he's so deluded that he thinks it's a good thing that he's in office during the current woes, because his staff will put it all to right ... no, I am not making this up. Sheesh, clueless, party of one! STORY HERE

Proving That She Is Indeed No Stranger to the Inner Workings of Politics:
That pit bull in lipstick may have to answer for her abuse of authority in the so-called Troopergate fiasco. STORY HERE.

This Takes Real Balls Dept: Jose Canseco was caught trying to smuggle in steroids from Mexico. Oh who cares, just drool over the picture and move on, says I. STORY HERE.

Pole Dancing For Those Poor Wall Street Folk
: Money is no object at the VIP Gentlemen's Club in NYC, where, for a mere thousand bucks, you can get a private room, lap dance, some bubbly, and a g-string! STORY HERE

Let's all Rise and Salute Miss Lauren Bacall for Telling Like it Is:
Lauren has a few words about Scientologist, Closet Case, and some-time actor, Tom Cruise: STORY HERE.

Thats's all for now, have a wonderful Saturday!!!

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