Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Weekend


Is it Sunday night already?

  • My niece was here on Saturday and she helped me decorate the villa for Halloween. Later on we went out for dinner, and then when we got home, we watched Halloween (the movie) and Michael Myers pretty much scared the bejesus out of her, but she watched the entire movie, and then had me turn every light on in the living room, and check the front door several times to make sure it was locked. Someday, when she's in therapy, she'll think back on all of this and laugh.
  • Whatshisname left for Monterey this morning, so I got up at around 4 AM to see him off, went back to sleep, and then my niece woke me back up at around 7. We went out for breakfast, and then to a flea market, I brought her back to my sister's place around 2, and then stopped in on the parents -- Dad is doing fine.
  • Has anyone ever seen the film, Targets? It was Boris Karloff's final movie, and was directed by Peter Bogdanovich. An incredible "lost film" and one I highly recommend. I am going to try to put a review of it up over at my other blog.
  • Colin Powell has thrown his support to Senator Obama!
  • And finally, what better way to end the weekend than by sharing a beer with a B-Movie actor...

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