Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Gray Day in Cape May

We drove the six billion miles to Cape May yesterday for the wedding of a friend. The ceremony was supposed to have been on the beach, but due to the rain and wind it was moved to the lobby of the hotel that the reception was being held.

Since Whatshisname was one of the ushers for the event, we arrived a bit early, and that allowed me some time to stroll through town, pick up some souvenirs, and marvel over the colorful Victorian homes that dot this charming but pricey seaside hamlet.

I strolled on over to a quaint (everything is Cape May is "quaint", even if it's something mundane, like say a laundry mat or a liquor store, as long as it has a faux Victorian facade and some kind of beach-like decor or name) street of little stores and went looking for some keepsakes that celebrated this place.

I found tons of overpriced knickknacks, but nothing that said "Cape May" on it, so I decided to ask one of the clerks at the little store; a rather grizzled old broad who met my request for "Anything that says Cape May on it", with the question, "Do you need an alibi?"

I laughed and said to the tough senior citizen, "Yeah, I do as a matter of fact!"

She laughed also as she gathered up a little snow globe, shot glass and paper holder that all featured the town's name on it."

"Smart man, paying with a credit card, now you will really have proof as to where you were at two thirty on September 12th!" She said as I handed her my plastic.

When I told her that I was going to a wedding, she asked if their was going to be an open bar. I said there would and she asked, "Need a date?"

It's nice to know that at 50, I still got it.

The beach was pretty empty, and the waves looked rough. Still, a handful of folks who don't want to see the summer fade, dotted the sand. Since I was all dressed for a wedding, I was not going to walk the beach. But I changed my mind and took off my shoes and socks and strolled the coastline while seagulls soared above me in the clouded sky.

It's very good for the soul to walk the beach ... but it's hell on your feet!

The wedding was nice, it was held at The Alcott Hotel which is a charming little place that just screams, "Laura Ashley!" But hey, that's Cape May.

Have a great Saturday, all!

Inside of the Alcott ... yes, it reminded me of The Shining.

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