Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brother Can You Spare 700 Billion?

From the administration that brought you a war based on lies, the deconstruction of The Constitution, the mishandling of the Katrina crisis in New Orleans and Every No Child Left Behind; Hold On to your selves, Ladies and Germs, because here comes The 700 Billion Dollar Buy Out!

Experts predict that the cost to the average American will be .... err ... let's see, carry the 4, divide by 6855.33 .... well, it's going to cost a lot.

Jeepers, I thought that the Republican's and their big business cronies were all about LESS GOVERNMENT ... I think this is what is known as Crybaby Capitalism (wha, wha, wha, we don't want the government regulating us, we know what's best for our business and our stockholders, we should not have to pay high taxes .... WAIT we fucked up, the government has to help us! wha, wha, wha...).

Hey, does this mean that you and I are now stock holders of AIG, and all of the other Wall Street companies? If that is so, then I better see a pretty good return on my investment ... better yet, I want a company car and a fully furnished penthouse suite in Manhattan! Oh, and there had better be one of those golden parachutes that I've heard so much about.

But seriously, why should I, or anyone else be responsible for this financial fuckery? I mean, if I screw up and bounce a check, no body comes to my aid ... is it because I am a bleeding heart liberal? If I were a conservative, would I be let in on some secret stash of funds?

Ah well, I am sure that the Right Wing Wing Nuts and the Conservatives will be working overtime trying to blame all of this on the Clinton Administration (watch and see); in the meantime, I am taking all of my money out of the bank and stuffing it into my Sealy Posturepedic .

See you all on the bread lines!

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