Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday Night Scandals!

Look around you, it's one scandal after the other these days...

Pretty Boy (and one time Presidential hopeful), John Edwards has fathered a baby out of wedlock ... or so says the National Enquirer LINK HERE.

Mega-Church Preacher, Joel Osteen's wife, Victoria is being sued by a Continental Airlines employee because she allegedly knocked the female employee around while bitching about a stain on her first class seat. LINK HERE.

Presidential Hopeful, John McCain suggested that his trophy wife participate in the Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Contest (which is a topless pageant, by the way). LINK HERE.

Lesson's learned?

Keep it in your pants, don't strike airline employees, and don't tell a crowd of yahoos that you encouraged your wife to enter a topless beauty show (especially if you are running for president!!).

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