Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Saturday

The Shoe Fairy Sings ... see bottom of this posting for more.

So how is everyone on this loverly Saturday morning?

Joe Biden is one happy guy, seems that he's Senator Obama's pic for veep. Way-to-Go, Joe. It's going to be interesting to have a local boy (local for me at least) on the ticket this fall. Maybe Washington needs some Delaware Valley common sense. We shall see.

Speaking of The Delaware Valley; our own version of Ted Baxter, Larry Mendte has admitted to hacking into a co-worker's email. This might not mean anything to many of you, but for those of us who had to stare into the vapid eyes of Mendte for years on Philadelphia's KYW-TV evening news, it's sort of funny. Mendte always presented as one of those anchormen that take themselves sooo damn seriously. For whatever reason, he always grated on me ... now I don't feel so bad for disliking the guy - plainly, he's a big old tool. Chalk one up for my "gut reaction".

The good news: Wine Spectator magazine recently gave it's Award of Excellence to a bistro in Milan named,Osteria L’Intrepido
The bad news: This resturant does not exist.

And finally, I love Neil Patrick Harris. That said, check out this video (sorry, it can't be embedded) of NPH as the Shoe Fairy on Sesame Street. My god, this is such a damn cute video, I want to pinch it's cheeks! CLICK HERE TO WATCH, I'VE GOT SHOES FOR YOU

He's Got Shoes For You!

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