Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Grown Terrorism

What do we make of the bastard who opened fire at a Unitarian Universalist church in Tennessee?

It seems that Jim Adkisson, who walked into the church during a children's musical performance this past Sunday, and started shooting, was angry at the church's liberal point of view, especially it's tolerance of gays.

It seems that two people were killed and seven other wounded by Adkisson.

I think it's clear that Adkisson is a deranged person whose actions have terrorized a community.

The question then; is he guilty of terrorism? Should he be sent to Guantanamo?

Frankly, it's fuckers like this guy who scare me more than any third world bogey man. These are our homegrown terrorists - gun totting freaks who fear anything that does not fit into their tunnel-vision view of the world, hateful jerk-offs who live and breath right-wing radio and intolerance .

And another thing, aren't you glad that you live in a land that lets people like Adkisson own firearms?

You know what, America? The liberals aren't out to get you, nor are the feminists, nor are the gays, or the Mexican day laborers ... no, the only one out to get you are guys like Adkisson, and guess what? They are armed and dangerous.

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