Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Birthday Cake Incident

True story:

On Monday, a well meaning group of co-workers gave me an early birthday treat at the office. There were cakes and other goodies, and some laughs, and all in all it was a very pleasant surprise.

One friend bought me a huge birthday cake. I decided to cut the center of the cake which read, "Happy 50th Pax" and set it aside to bring home. The rest of the cake (and there was a lot of it left over), was for the masses.

I wrapped up my portion of my birthday cake and included a couple of cupcakes that another friend had made and put it in the refrigerator in the break room.

Quitting time, I go back to the fridge to retrieve my goodies and discover that my nicely wrapped bit of baked goodness had been compromised. When I pulled back, the now crumpled up, aluminum foil, I discovered that most of the cake was gone with the exception of a small piece with the lone letter "P". One of the cupcakes was also gone. And the one that was left, had, been smashed upside down on the plate.

Motherfucker! I thought. What kind of asshole eats the piece of birthday cake with the person's name on it?

The more I think of this, the more I want to find who did this and ask them what they were thinking. I mean if they were that desperate for cake, all they had to do was ask, and I would have happily shared it, but the fact that they just took it upon themselves to scarf it down with no thought whatsoever about it ... sheesh!

Of course this should not surprise me. I've had my lunch taken from the fridge at Officeland II, cream for coffee I've brought in all used up in a day, and various other food crimes committed against me. But this was my goddamn birthday cake.

Some people can be such trifling twits.

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