Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Very Sad Note

Some of you who have visited this blog over the years might recall a fellow blogger who commented a lot, her on-line handle was Rowan Mayfaire . Rowan maintained her own blog until some time last year when she ended it.

Several days ago, it was reported that Rowan's (who's actual name is Heather) 12 year old daughter, Samantha was killed in a fire. Heather and her son were found several blocks from their home covered in soot and apparently in shock. Currently Heather is in ICU on a breathing machine and is sedated, apparently she will be kept sedated for at least the next two weeks.

Several bloggers who knew "Rowan" have posted about this horrid event, Lost has the most details as well as the newspaper write up of the actual event HERE. Lost and Heather were friends and knew each other out side of the blogosphere.

So, take a moment and count your blessings today and when you feel yourself about to whine or complain about something, spare a thought for a young lady who has had her life torn to shreds.

Update on story HERE

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