Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pax in La La Land IX: Southland Tales

advertising is big out here!

Today I saw where some of the great, near great, and the forgotten are buried. Hollywood Memorial Park is a beautiful cemetery that is one part bone yard, and one part public attraction. People have picnics here, they host movies (at night) here, and, of course, there are many celebrities buried here. I wish I had some pictures to share, but unfortunately, someone borrowed my camera to take to BEA today.

This morning a one block stretch of Wilshire off of Figueroa was blocked off. They were filming something here. From what I could see, a van with a camera attached to it, followed a small sports car up and down the street, over and over. Every time they brought the little car back, a group of men would run up to it and polish it, dust it off and wipe down the glass. This went on for about twenty minutes until I grew bored. It did not stop the crowd from growing ... for all I know, George Clooney was in that little car.
I think I forgot to mention this; on Thursday when I was at Sony, we were on the set of a new film tentatively titled "Obsession" which is to star Jerry O'Connell and that font of talent, Beyonce. From what I could glean, this is yet another "Fatal Attraction" kind of movie. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, and when it finally makes it to the megaplex you can say, "I read it here first."
Oh for those of you who were guessing; that picture of the fortress-like-house I posted the other day is the estate of Miss Tom Cruise!
Tonight is my last night in the City of Angels, sigh, we are supposed to go out for dinner and drinks with a few of Whatshisname's co-workers. I am kind of hoping we end up at The Red Rock, but I doubt this crowd wants an authentic L.A. experience. But what the hell, drinks at night in L.A. - how very Raymond Chandler.

here are a few more photos - enjoy:

Jimmy Kimmel's show on Hollywood Blvd
This is the "red carpet" stairway used on Oscar night
top of Grauman's Chinese
Where the thin, rich and white shop.

at the Mexican market

Still having a wonderful time, wish you were all here!

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