Monday, June 23, 2008

In Which Our Hero Meets With a Young Attorney

"So Mr. Romano," asks the handsome young lawyer, "are you married?"

"No," I answer, "but I am in a civil union with my partner."

"Oh that's wonderful", replies the attorney, "So I take it that your gay?"

"Yes, I am", says I, "Is that a problem?"

"Of course not!" He laughs, "In fact how do you know that I'm not gay?"

"Well, I suppose that picture of the pretty young woman sitting on your desk was a dead give away. Is that your wife?"

"Uh, no it's my fiancée."

"So I take it your straight?" I ask...

So yes, today I met with an attorney concerning a little matter I am trying to clear up. Nothing major, just a bit of a hassle. All in all, the attorney felt that my situation did not call for any type of drastic measures and he answered all of my questions and give me some tips on dealing with what has been going on.

He was a nice guy, but frankly I think that he found my problem to be small potatoes so that was that.

And yes, the above dialogue is verbatim.

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