Monday, June 30, 2008

Greetings From Officeland

Monday at Officeland finds the populace mostly concerned with the upcoming three day weekend. Many have bailed already taking the week off so that they could spend their time soaking up the rays at one of the Joisey shore points or something like that.

You might know that our upstairs neighbors here are a bill collection agency. Recently they have hired more workers and some of them are very verbal about what's going on - apparently they are getting a lot of work on mortgages that have been defaulted on. It's nice to know as the economy is tanking, at least one industry is flourishing. That said, I have seen the enemy, and they are mostly what you'd expect - trashy young folk with big mouths and even bigger egos. It was two of these fine upstanding business people who were using the men's room on our floor for carnal purposes a few months ago. The man and woman were discovered by a cleaning lady.

Tomorrow marks my 21st year working for Officeland Inc. I can't believe I have been here that long. In a few years, myself and many of those I started here with will be retiring. It's going to be interesting as I came in with at least thirty other folks at that time. I wonder who will be filling our slots when the time comes. If we all left tomorrow, our positions would remain vacant due to the hiring freeze.

Work continues on the Congestionville Mall directly across the street from Officeland. Zillion dollar condos and over-priced apartments are being added to the Mall's campus along with some new office buildings - Real estate bust? We never heard about it here in Joisey!

Well, it's almost lunch time (hooray for lunch time)... hope you are all having a great day!

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