Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Greetings from Officeland

Hello from the land of dark cubicles and crazy co-workers...

* When I left for vacation the light over my veal pen was out, they informed me that it would be fixed by the time I got back. Well, I've been back for over a week and I am still toiling in the shadows.

* More movements here, more people retiring, and more people being shuffled. I am, once more, in between supervisors so that is cool; meanwhile some vultures here are perched waiting to see which one of them gets to land in the golden chair of King / Queen of Officeland, a venerated title that many aspire to but only a blessed one individual gets. So far, in my twenty-odd-some only two have grabbed that brass ring. Can't wait to watch the battle for this one.

* Like always, we have certain thin-blooded fools complaining that they are cold because the A.C. is running at full blast ... these are the same chilly critters who are never warm enough come winter and turn the office furnace up to hellish numbers when they can.

* Crazy co-worker # 765 has the habit of tunelessly whistling ... argh! She is driving me batty.

* Crazy co-worker # 766 has the habit of trapping you in your workspace to gossip. Trouble is, she is not one of those people that can take the subtle cues that "playtime is over and I have to get back to work" - so to break away from her, I have to usually stand up and announce that I need to use the men's room - which of course adds to my office persona of being a real class act.

* Crazy co-worker # 767 hogs up the copier for hours on end and says, "I'll be done just as soon as I copy all six thousand pages of this file". I want to smash his face on to the copy-glass and close the cover on it until he is blinded from the light bar.

...well, that's all for now, hope you are keeping your cool and avoiding crazy co-workers or just crazy people in general...

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