Sunday, June 15, 2008

For Gay Pride Month: Pax's List of Reasons of Why He's Glad He's Gay

1: Never had to have worried about knocking up someone. *
* of course there was that one time back in 1982, but that was all about a bottle of wine and a very pretty girl who "almost" changed my mind...

2: Can actually sit down and engage a gorgeous woman in conversation with out mentally undressing her.

3: Can actually sit down and engage a handsome man in conversation and mentally undress him.

4: Will never have to worry about having enough money to put my children through college.

5: Can always borrow some of my partner's clothes as we both wear the same size.

6: An inborn appreciation of show tunes.

7: The ability to use gaydar - though it has failed me once or twice.

8: Camp sensibility really makes life more bearable (see my most recent blog header).

9: Being gay forces one to face certain negative attitudes and deal with them constructively. That which does not kill us, makes us more fabulous!

10: Realizing the bottom line - Even though I am sexually attracted to the same sex, I'm just an average guy.

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