Saturday, June 21, 2008


Something about this time of the year and bad luck ... nothing earth-shattering, just enough aggravation to put a crimp in my style.

The other day I took Whatshisname's car out, and backed up rather hastily into the bumper of a huge 4x4 behind me. The 4x4 did not even have a scratch on it, however Whatshisname's rear bumper has a nice healthy dent.

This morning I took my car to get washed, and as the car was being pulled through the various brushes and mechanized washing contraptions, the passenger side rear-view mirror was knocked in to and left hanging. The manager of the car wash told me that he'd fix it and it would only take a few minutes ... a half an hour later, he told me that he needed a part and would not have it until Monday. For now, my new car has a couple pieces of duct tape where the mirror was.

And then of course, Monday is my appointment with an attorney concerning a legal problem that I am hoping to rectify pretty bloodlessly - of course if the lawyer recommends I sue, maybe I will, I mean what is the point of playing fair anyway? Maybe it's my turn to become a litigious bastard.

So, that's where I am at now; Dented, missing a part, and wondering what Clarence Darrow is going to tell me.

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