Saturday, June 14, 2008

Broadway Beefcake Drama

So much is going on ... Tim Russert has died ... Cedar Rapids, Iowa is hit with its worst flood ever...The Supreme Court has ruled that detainees at Guantanamo do indeed have rights ...

... but the BIG story comes to us from The Great White Way; Broadway, where it seems that a beefcake version of "All About Eve" might be brewing between celebrity, Mario Lopez and Broadway hoofer, Nick Adams. But this is not about who is the better singer, or actor, or even dancer ... nope, this is all about the biceps.

Seems that in order to keep Lopez's legendary guns in the spotlight, the producers of A Chorus Line (in which Lopez and Adams are featured) have covered up Adam's in a long sleeve shirt so as his cobra's don't over-shadow Mario's. Furthermore, there is an underwear ad campaign hanging in the balance...

Oh my, such drama! Full Story HERE

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