Sunday, May 04, 2008

That Other Presidential Candidate's Preacher

So much hay has been made over Barack Obama's preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and what he has said. To be sure, Wright has said some outrageous and offensive things, and of course the press has jumped all over the story.

Why then are they not questioning Senator John McCain's pastor,Rev. John Hagee?

Hagee has a much larger audience than Wright as he is seen daily on the TBN network where he claims that The Great Whore (no, he's not talking about Paris Hilton), is actually The Roman Catholic Church! Or that Hurricane Katrina was god's judgment on New Orleans because the city was planning a gay pride rally that month ( an aside, so when tornadoes rip through the mid-west and south and wipe out the stores and homes of church-goers; this would be god's judgment on them?).

I've watched Hagee, and the man is a loud, pompous, fire and brimstone preacher who is constantly licking his lips over what he sees as the upcoming apocalypse.

Read more about this HERE, and then ask yourself; why isn't this being written about as much as Wright's situation?

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