Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pax in La La Land VII: Hotel California

This hotel we are at is magnificent. If this is how the other half lives, sign me up now!

It's funny, when you stay at one of these swanky joints they seem to bend over backwards to meet your every need. I am especially fond of the free paper slipped in the door every morning, the complimentary breakfasts and the doormen who are tripping over themselves to hail a cab for you.

We are on the 14th floor and you need to use the pass card to access the elevator to our floor - we are on the "executive floors". How cool is that?

Tonight Whatshisname and I hooked up with an old pal (and a friend of his) and we had dinner at Clifton's Cafeteria, which is a funky old place in a seedy part of town that sells comfort food in a cafeteria setting. I'd read about this place and have always wanted to eat there. Four of us wolfed down on some hearty fare and the bill (for the group) was under sixty bucks. Such a deal! Of course the real highlight was seeing a familiar face, so that was nice.

After dinner, we strolled the few blocks back to the hotel and noted how this older section of the city bears a striking resemblance to Manhattan. We walked almost five blocks and did not see a palm tree.

Tomorrow is the Hollywood Memorial Cemetery and the Westwood Memorial Cemetery - finally, I get to see the resting places of the rich and dead. I was supposed to go on The Raymond Chandler bus tour today, but I got there late, so I missed out...ah well, Farewell My Lovely, next time.

One more thing, I won twenty five bucks in the California lottery today - YAY ME!!!

Having a wonderful time, wish you were all here.

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