Friday, May 30, 2008

Pax in La La Land V: Californication

Hey all, today I took the movie star's home tour, a tour of Sony studios, and a walking tour of Hollywood Blvd.

I love this freaky place. I feel like I never want to leave (which is how I felt thirty some years ago when I was last here).

As always, having a wonderful time, wish you all were here!!!

Our handsome tour guide (a British man and former royal guard) shows a picture of the Hollywood sign as it appeared in 1974 before people like Hugh Hefner and Alice Cooper paid to bring it back into shape.
The Hollywood sign today.
If you ever make it to Hollywood and want to find Marilyn Monroe's star on the Walk of Fame - just look for the McDonalds on Hollywood Blvd; it's right by the front door.
Take a guess whose house is behind this manned gate that is loaded with hidden cameras in Beverly Hills.
On the other hand, check out Dick Van Dyke's place! About two blocks from the fortress before it also in Beverly Hills.
The view from our hotel room last night.
At the far end of Hollywood Blvd you'll find the "Four Goddesses" they are supposed to represent Mae West, Anna Mae Wong, Dorothy Dandridge and Dolores Del Rio -- unseen is the top of the work with a golden Marilyn Monroe, her skirt flying up in the air. It is also known as the "La Brea Gateway".
Just a cool shot I took from the tour bus.
The Viper Room known as the place that River Phoenix died was formerly a mob bar - the reason it has no front windows is that former owners grew tired of replacing the glass that was constantly being shot out by rival mobsters.
This is one of the "streets" at Sony's back lot. MGM used to be here, and then Columbia owned it. Today it belongs to Sony.

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