Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pax in La La Land VI: The Seven People You Will Meet in Los Angeles

* You meet the first two people before you are even in the golden state. They sit next to you on the plane. They are a harried middle-aged mother of about the age of 35, and her young autistic son. Her name is, "Jane" and his name is "Ben". When the mother discovers that you are a social worker she talks to you about all kinds of things because she thinks she's met a kindred spirit. Her son bounces off the cabin walls during most the flight until mom force feeds him some Benadryl. The remainder of the flight, he sleeps half way across your lap and his mother's. Once you leave the plane she gives you a hug and thanks you for being so nice to her and her son.

* At the hotel you meet the Asian fellow at the front desk. He speaks perfect English and is dressed in a crisp well fitting suit. He wishes you a pleasant stay and then tells you if you need anything to just ask for him by name. His name is "Louis" and he smiles at you as he hands you his card.

* On one of the many tours you take you'll meet a guide named "Rob" and a driver named "Don". Rob has a rich, melodious voice and he seems to be a font of information concerning Tinsel Town and the surrounding areas. Much more than that though, Rob seems to truly love this sprawling land and it's strange and colorful history. Don, on the other hand, is the mirthful muscle of this endeavor as he manages to commander a bus the size of the Titanic in and out of L.A.'s legendary traffic patterns with out breaking a sweat and constantly cracking jokes that are pretty damn funny.

*My old pal, Dex Baxter used to say that everyone in L.A. is just waiting for their big break. That's what you'll think when you meet "Tina". She is going to be your waitress at the restaurant you are having breakfast at on your third day in town. Your jaw will drop when you look at her, as she is probably one of the most beautiful women you've ever seen. She will have to take a call on her cell phone as she is taking you order - she will apologize profusely for this - and then she will turn her attention back to you, and she will be smiling like crazy as she explains that she got a "call back" for a TV show she just auditioned for. You will wish her well and hope that her spirit remains as bright and effervescent as it is on this beautiful Friday morning.

* The unnamed handsome guy will ask you for a light and then sit next to you in front of the hotel and you will listen as he tells his friend the following: "So I had the room all ready. Candles lit, bed turned down...and the guy says to me, 'I asked for a woman'. So I told him, I'm sorry sir, but your voucher here says that you asked for a man, and I am him...." You can't believe what you are hearing, so you sneak a glance over at the guy and he is even better looking than you first realized. He catches you looking at him and shrugs his shoulders and says, without a hint of irony,"See, that's what I'm talking about, this business is built on communication. If we have bad communication before the transaction occurs, it's a waste of both my time and the client's time." His friend nods his head in agreement, and you probably will do the same thing...

Having a wonderful time, wish you all were here!

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